I finally got cable in the house after years of my husband screaming and whining about how much we need it. He always has a guys night with the men from Nottingham escorts and apparently it is a huge deal that there is no cable to watch football and basketball. I personally do not really have pity on the matter but I am tired of listening to him be a baby about it all. So now that it is hooked up I am having to do a lot less on their little guys night because their faces are planted directly in front of the flat screen, and I almost believe that they cannot here a single word when a sports game is on. A little childish if you ask me but I do love him very deeply so I guess I have to love the little boy side of him as well.

Next week my boss is taking a select few of us coworkers on a short vacation to get away from the hectic part of our job. We are allowed to bring one other person with us so I decided to drag my fuck buddies along to keep me company once everyone heads to bed. I don’t think there is one person on the trip that is bringing their wife. Most of them are bringing a mistress or a friend. I guess they are tired of their partner or something, because if I had a wife I totally would have brought her. We are going to London, I mean come on, how romantic is that. It would be a perfect way to patch any underlying issues with each other. But who knows what they’re all thinking.

I have been slaving away in school lately and working an after school job for almost 5 months now. I finally got a week off and am heading home to hang out with my family and friends. I am going to go out the first night I get back with a guy from Leeds escorts and many of my friends. I cannot wait to have a break away from the schools stressful atmosphere and all the drama. I know that I still need to pack boxes at my house but right now I am more worried about releasing some of the stress and tension built up from everything. I hope I can accomplish both of these things on my break as I do not want to spend my next vacation packing away my life. So I think maybe I’ll do some multitasking this week.

I was in a relationship for ten years and it abruptly came to an end. We had a 5 year old child and my ex would keep her for the weekends. I work Monday to Friday and so I am always looking for something to do for a couple of days on the weekend. Usually during the day I would go out to lunch with my friends and maybe stop in at the casino to play the slot machines.

After a long day of play on the way home I would stop at the local bar for a couple more drinks. It was not too far from my home so I would walk home instead of drinking a driving. Sometimes I would feel the need for love so I would take my fuck buddy dating buddy home with me. I always took the same man home and I was not ready to jump back into a relationship all over again.

I was talking to my best mate Paul on the phone this evening. He reckons that since he split up with his girlfriend a few months ago, he’s happier than he has ever been. He never seems to stay at home these days. He’s always out with a beautiful girl on his arm and is going to places now that he would never have gone with ex. He’s had several dates with different ladies from a Derby escort agency recently because he doesn’t want to have a serious relationship again for a long time and he loves women with big boobs. He says that he is loving his newfound freedom and enjoying meeting new girls but I know deep down that he must be missing Sharon. They were together for a long time and everyone was really shocked when they separated. She was a nice girl but she did tie him down quite a bit. I wish him all the luck in the world.